I'd like to pay my respects and acknowledge the traditional owners of the various land accross Australia and pay my respects to elders past, present and our young emerging leaders. Specifically i'd like to pay respects to the Latje Latje mob and pay my appriciation to them for allowing me to continue my work on their country.

  • Engagement with Community

    I do intend on running workshops with community, again this is something i am working on however this is a priority for me. I am living on Latje Latje country however will be open to travelling when that time comes.

  • Goals for Ebony Jaie Arts & Co

    • Become more consistant on my social media pages.
    • Enagage with services in community to work together for the benifit of community
    • Build relationships with Black Bussiness
    • Set up stalls at markets.