Ebony Urquhart-Singh

I am a 25 year old, proud Wiradjuri Women with 2 beautiful children to my partner of almost 10 years and an amazing stepson.

I haven't always been the most confident with a paint brush because my mother is such an amazing artist however after having my children and seeing them grow and ask questions about our mob, dreamtime stories, the history of our beautiful country and watching my daughters love of art grow. I also began noticing close realtives around me become confident in their cultural connection i began to realise everyone is on their own journey and i need to set my own path for my kids to then follow if they choose too. I want to look back in 30 years time and have my children and their children (if they have kids yet) be proud of my achievements, how far i have come and reflect on the path i took to achieve everything i hope to achieve.